• radio_button_unchecked* !!Daily!!
  • radio_button_uncheckedReply to everyone
  • radio_button_uncheckedCheck your mentions
  • radio_button_uncheckedMonitor social media for keywords and phrases
  • radio_button_uncheckedSchedule posts for the next day
  • radio_button_uncheckedCheck out other social media profiles
  • radio_button_uncheckedCurate content to share
  • radio_button_uncheckedAdvocacy: Make it easy for the team to share
  • radio_button_uncheckedEngage with MVPs
  • radio_button_uncheckedFollow back those who follow you
  • radio_button_uncheckedConnect with a new person
  • radio_button_unchecked* !!Weekly!!
  • radio_button_uncheckedCheck your stats
  • radio_button_uncheckedEngage with influencers
  • radio_button_uncheckedEngage with partners
  • radio_button_uncheckedWeekly goals check-in
  • radio_button_uncheckedHold a strategy session
  • radio_button_uncheckedAttend events – chats, hangouts, etc.
  • radio_button_uncheckedUpdate social media ads
  • radio_button_unchecked* !!Monthly!!
  • radio_button_uncheckedPerform a social media audit
  • radio_button_uncheckedSet social media goals
  • radio_button_uncheckedCome up with new experiments
  • radio_button_uncheckedPlan ahead for the next month or more
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