• radio_button_unchecked* !!Preliminary Actions!!
  • radio_button_uncheckedThink about what I need from a car @thinking
  • radio_button_uncheckedDecide whether I really need a four wheel drive (SUV) @thinking
  • radio_button_uncheckedDecide on my budget @thinking
  • radio_button_uncheckedFind out current bank rate for car loan @research @iphone @anywhere
  • radio_button_uncheckedDecide whether I want Diesel or petrol @thinking
  • radio_button_uncheckedfind out how much my current car is worth @research
  • radio_button_unchecked* !!Choosing Car!!
  • radio_button_uncheckedCreate a shortlist of 5 cars to look at @anydevice
  • radio_button_uncheckedResearch my 5 chosen cars @research
  • radio_button_uncheckedDiscuss with [NAME OF FRIEND/ PARTNER / SPOUSE] his / her thoughts on my chosen models @peter
  • radio_button_unchecked* !!Test Drives!!
  • radio_button_uncheckedArrange Test Drive of chosen cars @research
  • radio_button_uncheckedTest drive [CAR 1] @anywhere
  • radio_button_uncheckedTest Drive [CAR 2] @anywhere
  • radio_button_uncheckedTest Drive [CAR 3] @anywhere
  • radio_button_uncheckedTest Drive [CAR 4] @anywhere
  • radio_button_uncheckedTest Drive [CAR 5] @anywhere
  • radio_button_unchecked* !! Final Actions!!
  • radio_button_uncheckedDecide on colour @thinking
  • radio_button_uncheckedDecide on accessories for new car @thinking
  • radio_button_unchecked!!Buy new car!! @anywhere
  • radio_button_unchecked!!Pick up new car!! @anywhere
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Adam StaplesAdam Staples
2 years ago

This template is a great idea, however the template itself seems too tightly built around a single productivity method. Labels such as @peter (referring to his specific family member) or @iphone (a device I don't have) require the user to perform some unnecessary cleanup after importing the template.

If this project could be generalized a little more, It could be very useful.

Carl PulleinCarl Pullein
2 years ago

Hi paperclip27, Labels and devices really depends on your own set up and of course every one will have different ones. These can be adjusted one the template has been imported.

2 years ago

Thanks for posting :)