This checklist is courtesy of Primer: Marketing Lessons from Google

  • radio_button_uncheckedFigure out what field I want to promote myself in
  • radio_button_uncheckedWrite down my skills/expertise in this field
  • radio_button_uncheckedWrite down how I'm different from other experts in the field
  • radio_button_uncheckedWrite down how others will benefit from my opinions and advice
  • radio_button_uncheckedDefine my personal branding target audience
  • radio_button_uncheckedWrite down my target audience's interests that are related to my field
  • radio_button_uncheckedCreate a personal branding website
  • radio_button_uncheckedWrite a short website bio and a shorter social media bio
  • radio_button_uncheckedChoose a universal profile photo
  • radio_button_uncheckedCheck old content/posts on my current social media profiles
  • radio_button_uncheckedStart new social media accounts that I feel are necessary
  • radio_button_uncheckedDefine my personal branding tone of voice
  • radio_button_uncheckedIdentify other experts in my field that I'd like to connect with
  • radio_button_uncheckedIdentify popular blogs that my audience reads
  • radio_button_unchecked* Contributor Info
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