• radio_button_unchecked* !!Research!!
  • radio_button_uncheckedGather and review research documents
  • radio_button_uncheckedStatement of Work
  • radio_button_uncheckedCustomer Research
  • radio_button_uncheckedCompetitive Research
  • radio_button_uncheckedKeyword Research
  • radio_button_uncheckedReview and take notes on video content
  • radio_button_unchecked* !!Social!!
  • radio_button_uncheckedDetermine contributors and tools
  • radio_button_uncheckedCreate spreadsheet of social accounts to be used
  • radio_button_uncheckedGenerate new "PROJECT Social Campaign" spreadsheet
  • radio_button_uncheckedDetermine schedule, if applicable
  • radio_button_uncheckedWrite social copy
  • radio_button_uncheckedCreate social images
  • radio_button_uncheckedGet social feedback/approval
  • radio_button_uncheckedPrepare for delivery to client
  • radio_button_unchecked* !!Email!!
  • radio_button_uncheckedDetermine format(s), strategy, schedule
  • radio_button_uncheckedWrite email copy
  • radio_button_uncheckedGet email feedback/approval
  • radio_button_uncheckedModify email templates
  • radio_button_uncheckedCreate email graphics
  • radio_button_uncheckedPrepare for delivery to client
  • radio_button_unchecked* !!Blog!!
  • radio_button_uncheckedCreate list of topics/headlines based on video content and KW research
  • radio_button_uncheckedGet headline feedback/approval
  • radio_button_uncheckedWrite blog drafts
  • radio_button_uncheckedBlog 1 Draft
  • radio_button_uncheckedBlog 2 Draft
  • radio_button_uncheckedBlog 3 Draft
  • radio_button_uncheckedGet blog draft feedback/approval
  • radio_button_uncheckedMake final blog edits
  • radio_button_uncheckedPrepare for delivery to client
  • radio_button_unchecked* !!Delivery/Processing!!
  • radio_button_uncheckedZip all files and email to client
  • radio_button_uncheckedUpload files to client Sharepoint site
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