There are so many things to think about! When should you start working on your press kit? What is the best way to track your acquisition channels? How can you get featured on Product Hunt?

At Branch, our mission is to help with app discovery. This checklist tool draws from best practices we have seen work in the real world, supplemented with insights gathered from around the web.

  • radio_button_unchecked* Tech Prep
  • radio_button_uncheckedUse Source/Version Control for Your Code
  • radio_button_uncheckedUse the Latest iOS/Android Features
  • radio_button_uncheckedEnable Deep Linking
  • radio_button_uncheckedCustomize Your Onboarding Flows for Different Users
  • radio_button_uncheckedSet Up Push Notifications
  • radio_button_uncheckedImplement a Robust In-App Analytics Plan
  • radio_button_unchecked* Marketing Prep
  • radio_button_uncheckedResearch and Test Competing Apps
  • radio_button_uncheckedLay the Groundwork for Getting Featured on the App/Play Store
  • radio_button_uncheckedImplement Search Engine Optimization for Apps
  • radio_button_uncheckedCreate and Maintain Social Media Accounts for Your App (Facebook/Twitter)
  • radio_button_uncheckedBuild a List of Influencers and Bloggers with Your Target Audience
  • radio_button_uncheckedAssemble a Press Kit
  • radio_button_unchecked* Pre-Launch
  • radio_button_uncheckedStart a Beta Program
  • radio_button_uncheckedTest Your User Flows and Prototypes with Potential Customers
  • radio_button_uncheckedCreate a Web Landing Page
  • radio_button_uncheckedLocalize Your App
  • radio_button_uncheckedRead Through Official Submission Checklist Guides
  • radio_button_uncheckedBuild a Growth Engine with Viral Loops
  • radio_button_unchecked* Brownie Points
  • radio_button_uncheckedAdd an In-App Feedback Channel
  • radio_button_uncheckedBuild a Sustainable Testing Strategy
  • radio_button_uncheckedBuild Flows to Collect User Data for Later Engagement
  • radio_button_uncheckedImplement a Crash Reporting Tool
  • radio_button_uncheckedGet the Right Measurement and Engagement Tools for Growth
  • radio_button_uncheckedAdd Content Sharing
  • radio_button_unchecked* Launch Day
  • radio_button_uncheckedFollow Up with Public Relations (PR)
  • radio_button_uncheckedGet At Least Five 5-Star Reviews as Quickly as Possible
  • radio_button_uncheckedMake Your First Users Feel Special
  • radio_button_uncheckedUse Paid Ads for a Boost
  • radio_button_uncheckedSet Up Google Alerts for Your App's Name
  • radio_button_uncheckedSubmit to Product Hunt
  • radio_button_unchecked* Post Launch
  • radio_button_uncheckedImmediately Prepare an App Update
  • radio_button_uncheckedMonitor Your App Mentions and Reviews
  • radio_button_uncheckedRun Video Ads
  • radio_button_uncheckedAdd a Referral Program
  • radio_button_uncheckedImprove App Latency and Performance
  • radio_button_uncheckedRepeat
  • radio_button_unchecked* for more info
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