Hi, I'm Jeffrey.

I'm a technical writer with a decade of experience in UX.  I break down difficult concepts into stuff that's easy to understand.

I started this site in 2015 as a side-project.

I noticed on the Todoist forum, back when Todoist had one, everyone had ideas for templates but no general place to share them.

That's when I started listing them, it was a Product Hunt for Todoist Templates.

It was a special time.

We shared our ideas on Reddit. We broke bread. We rejoiced.

That's around the time I started a family, jumped around a few jobs, and got busy with life.

And this site got quite old, and stale, and gray. Then Todoist launched their own template page (mind you, very similar to my own design, which came first).

Now the kids are in school and I've got a little more free time.

What better way to spend it than helping people get shit done?

But now, it's not about any old checklist.  The internet is full of garbage checklists and writing.

And we've become busier. We no longer have the time to waste, we need actionable information immediately. We don't even read our email, we scan it.

I'm so tired of all the fluffy language that never gets to the point. I often think to myself "Okay, that sounds great, so tell me what I need to do, right now"

So, I've made it my mission to make the web actionable.

And, I'm raising the bar for quality content.

Only the best instructional content, from the highest quality sources, will make it on todotemplates.com.

Every post I make consumes several hours of research and production quality effort. I'm not writing to increase the word count. I'm writing to make sure something actually gets done.

So finally, here's why you should take a moment to sign up for the email newsletter.

By becoming a member, you'll be able to apply expert advice in less time, and achieve more with less effort.

By the way, I'm planning a number of interesting features that you will love, including:

  • Public roadmap, members have ability to vote and submit ideas
  • Notion support, so you can implement any action step using your own OS
  • And much more...

So if you're still reading, sign up now and stay tuned :)