Clipboards with a Daily Planner Checklist, Daily Schedule, and Monthly Calendar for tracking tasks and other plans
Paper checklists and planners are a great option for keeping things simple and straight to the point. Not everything works well on your phone or computer screen.

Blank Printable Checklists, Planners, and More

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Updated September 4, 2022.


Sometimes, less is more.

There's no better example than a clean-cut printable checklist you can touch and feel with your bare hands.

In this post you'll find a variety of templates and checklists you can download, import, and print.

Better than that, all checklists at are available in PDF for your printing preferences! 😲👍🏽

Let's start with context on why you should (or shouldn't) go IRL and use a printable checklist.

Why Use Paper?

A checklist is a simple way to help organize your thoughts and actions. It helps you remember what needs to get done when and where.

A paper list has a few distinct benefits over digital lists, here are a few:

  • It's a physical thing, it exists
  • It's available, usually within arms reach
  • You can secure in long term storage
  • It's cheap and effective

Of course this is all basic, well-known stuff, but sometimes it helps to remind ourselves of the benefits. Knowing how your tools can be better used in different circumstances will help you make better choices in how you approach a problem.

Using a Blank Template

You can use blank checklist templates and fill in each task as you go along, or cleaning, maintenance, or recurring tasks, you can create and edit your own, printing out copies for others or future use.

Pro-tip: there are templates for several categories like business, education, family, fitness, mindfulness, and productivity.

Printable Checklists

On this page you can choose from a collection of free printables that are easy to read and use for almost any purpose.

Ready for long-term paper checklists?  Try a ready-made planner or a journal designed specifically for action-oriented tasks, like Action Day.

Printable PDF Checklist

I've created a number of printable checklists for various purposes, you can decide how it's used and for what; school, work, self-discipline, and much more.

Simple To-Do List

Here's a simple checklist, a staple for anyone who needs to stay organized throughout the day and can keep a piece of paper handy for your task list.

Simple to do list on letter sized paper
Print this checklist for daily or single-time use in tracking your tasks.

Compact To-Do List

Got a lot of things to do?  Here's a beautiful one-page checklist that has room for all your ideas and action items with 36 check boxes! You could easily separate your task lists by category, time, location, and urgency for super organization.

Printable checklist with four sections of 12 tasks each
Print this checklist for tracking up to 36 tasks.

Habit Trackers - Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Checklists

Keep yourself in check and aligned with your goals, or don't break the chain! Here are a few sample habits to get you thinking:

  • Drink water
  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Self-care routines
  • Maintenance

Not only that, here are printable habit trackers for weekly, monthly, and yearly views. Check it out!

The only thing to note in the yearly tracker is that each cell represents 14 days.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Planners

Daily Planner

This daily planner is super handy and great to use with a clipboard for your daily tasks.  Not to mention, you'll look like such a professional when you carry the clipboard around, and make sure you walk expeditiously wherever you go for added effect.

Daily planner checklist with an hour by hour schedule from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Use this daily planner checklist to plan your day, mark appointments, and block off time for tasks.

Spend a few minutes the day before to add important tasks or notes, including events from your calendar, and check or cross them out as you go about your day.

Modern Daily Planner

A few steps above the regular daily planner, this one has several sections for all the important aspects of your day: a to-do list, top three priorities section, a compact schedule, notes, mood and water gauge, and a section for commenting on your next day's thoughts and actions.

Printable daily planner with multiple sections: priorities, to-do list, schedule, notes, and for tracking mood and water intake.
This daily planner is a little more sophisticated with sections for notes, priorities, and tracking your mood and water intake.

Weekly Checklist

Simple and easy to use, this weekly checklist contains a bare-bones to-do list with a priorities section. Keep track of up to 6 tasks per day.

Weekly checklist with 6 tasks per day and a section for priorities.
Great for a higher level view than day by day, this checklist is great for keeping focus and tracking your progress.

Pocket Weekly Checklist

This checklist is great for anyone on-the-go!  Based off the popular "pocketmod" folding paper journals, it fits in your pocket and works like a mini-notebook.  Room for up to 11 tasks per day, this is the most accessible and easy to carry weekly checklist you'll find on the internet.

Weekly Pocket Checklist on a Single Page, including each day of the week and a section for a checklist.
This checklist fits perfectly in your pocket or wallet and is great for jotting-down quick notes, tasks, and perfect for keeping a handy list.

For printing and setup instructions, check this out:

Weekly Planner

The perfect companion for any busy person, this weekly planner uses a horizontal or landscape view to structure your week.  It includes an enlarged schedule section, so you know exactly when your appointments are and you can block off time for your to-do list, along with a notes section and a habit tracker.  Productivity enthusiasts might suggest linking your to-do items to your schedule so you know exactly when each task will be worked on.

Weekly planning checklist with schedule, notes, to-do list and habit tracker.
Use the weekly planner to track your appointments and block-off time for completing work.

Monthly Checklist and Planning Calendar

If you're looking for something with fewer tasks but still need to track progress towards your goals, this monthly calendar might be right up your alley.

A printable, calendar view of your monthly goals and priorities.
Use this checklist for holding a longer-term view of your goals and priorities.

With space for everything from birthdays to appointments, this planner has a lot of flexibility and it won't take up a lot of headspace. Great for exercise and fitness regimens, you can list up to 7 top priorities and goals. Track your weight or calorie intake over time with ease.

Okay, it's basically a calendar, but slightly better for tracking goals and priorities.

I hope you've found these useful.

If you end up printing and using these checklists, please comment below and share your thoughts!

And as always, if you find anything interesting or think that others might find this useful, send me a message or share this with your friends.