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A Daily and Weekly Checklist for a Better Life

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Whenever someone mentions a problem they have, my first go-to is to ask if they're getting enough exercise. Quick disclaimer: I'm not qualified to give advice to pretty much ANY person, but in my experience, exercise, diet and sleep are more powerful than any medicine you can take. I was happy to see that included in this article by Andrew Merle. Apparently his blog has been featured as one of the best habit blogs on the net. I'm not spirital but many people vouch for a religious element as a fulfilling part of their life.

A Daily and Weekly Checklist for a Better Life
There are 5 things you can do on a daily basis, and another 5 things to do on a weekly basis, that will dramatically improve your life. When I say improve your life, I mean help you make the most of…

Who's this for?

This checklist is for anyone who has poor sleep, food, or exercise habits that could use some motivation or inspiration for bridging that gap.

How to use this template

Scan the contents of the checklist and decide whether this may provide value to you. If you would sincerely commit to some or all of the tasks, you can COPY and PASTE the checklist into any Todoist project, section, or task. Or you can IMPORT this project directly into your Todoist account (requires Premium).

Daily Checklist

  • 30 Minutes of Moderate Exercise
  • 10 Minutes of Meditation
  • 10+ Minutes of Reading/Learning
  • 5+ Servings of Fruits and Vegetables
  • 8 Hours of Sleep

Weekly Checklist

  • 45 Minutes of Vigorous Exercise
  • 30 Minutes of Yoga
  • Attend Faith-Based Services
  • Volunteer or Give Back
  • Make Social Plans

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