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A Morning Routine With 60% Less Anxiety

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Read about Ben Foley's advice for an "empowering morning" routine. With detail on every task and a solid reason for every activity, it aims for a balanced approach between energy and spirituality.

Who's this for?

This checklist is for anyone looking to start a new morning routine, or anyone with general anxiety during the day.

How to use this template

Scan the contents of the checklist and decide whether this may provide value to you. If you would sincerely commit to some or all of the tasks, you can COPY and PASTE the checklist into any Todoist project, section, or task. Or you can IMPORT this project directly into your Todoist account (requires Premium).

An excerpt

When I implemented an effective morning routine and stuck to it, I was able to massively reduce my anxiety. In addition, it also helped with my productivity, energy, relationships, and a host of other areas of my life. It truly was life-changing.

Creating a morning routine has been the single most important strategy for lowering my stress and anxiety that I have implemented over the last year. It has allowed me to get more done than I ever thought possible, while also helping to keep me grounded throughout the day.

The Checklist For A Morning Routine With 60% Less Anxiety

How to Create an ‘Empowered Morning’ to Decrease Your Anxiety by 60% (Ultimate Guide)

  1. Wake up between 5:30–6:00
  2. Make Your Bed
  3. Meditate / Pray
  4. Take a Cold Shower
  5. Go For a Walk
  6. Brain Dump at Desk
  7. Gratitude Practice
    Write the three things you are most grateful for today.
  8. Manifest Your Morning Three
    Affirmation: By stating three affirmations in the morning I am able to put myself into a charged state. It may seem hokey, but it has been hugely beneficial to my mental state.
    What do I get to enjoy today — By starting my day thinking about what I get to enjoy today, I put my mind into a positive mode and trigger my brain to see the upside of the day.
    Daily Intention — I start out each day with intention. Whether it’s as simple as “I will be present today” or “I will choose to see the beauty in everything that happens to me today.” It doesn’t really matter, but I have found it extremely helpful for lowering my daily anxiety to be intentional about what I want my day’s purpose to be.
  9. MITs: Three Most Important Tasks
    What task, if completed successfully, will make all of the others obsolete?
    What task do I have the most anxiety/fear about?
    What task will move me closest to accomplishing my number 1 goal?
  10. 60 — 90 Minutes of Deep Work on #1 MIT prior to email
    Make It Sustainable

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